Weigand RRHNGS Fits Ruger Hunter Models


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Ruger Hunter Model Scope Mount WEIG-A-TINNY

What WEIG-A-TINNY tm is
This scope mount fits ALL HUNTER MODELS including the Single Six Hunter
This scope mount fits the NEW and Older Style Redhawks and Blackhawks Single Six with the integral scope ring cuts in the barrel. This is a no drill and tap scope mount for installation on the cuts made by the Ruger factory. Installs in minutes so you can add the scope or dot sight of your choice.
Accepts all Weaver style rings and accessories and most Picatinny rings and accessories. Screws and washers supplied.

PLEASE NOTE: Only our latest production, 1/1/2019 will fit the Single Six. Please let us know
if you are using this mount on a Single Six. We will be sure to get you the correct
scope mount.