Below is a Partial List of Services Offered:

  • Gun Brokerage from Queensland state to Queensland state-  $11.00
  • Interstate Brokerage From Queensland to other State- $45.00 Plus Freight (If Required)
  • Interstate Brokerage sent to KG Custom from other state to Queensland -$45.00
  • Transfers in and out of State. – Including Transfers and Freight to Western Australia.


  • Trigger Jobs and Action Tuning
  • Chamfer Cylinders to Facilitate Speed Loaders
  • Bob Hammer
  • Straighten Bent Crane or Extractor Rod
  • Replace Barrels
  • Install Sights
  • Polish Cylinder walls
  • Aristocrat Sights
  • Weigand Combat Parts / Accessories

S&W Revolver Price List (CLICK TO OPEN)

Semi Auto Pistols

  • Fitting of Triggers,Hammers,Safeties,Barrels
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Installation of Factory/aftermarket parts
  • Install Sights

Metal Refinishing

  • Bead/Glass Blasting
  • Bluing

Hourly Rate = $85.00