At KG Custom we can Provide storage for your firearms in all firearm Licence classes in our secure Facility. We can store your firearms for as long as necessary. This is perfect for when you are renovating, moving house or have just acquired a new firearm and your safe is not yet installed .

-Going Overseas  -You have been charged by the police for an offence -You are the Victim of Domestic Violence Allegation   -Deceased Estates

KG Custom recommends that if you have any legal issues with the police or Weapons Licensing. Please call us to get your firearms into storage.

Bolts and Magazines are required at the time of signing the firearm in.

Firearm Storage Rates SIGN IN FEE-$11.00 per firearm SIGN OUT FEE-$11.00 per firearm STORAGE FEE-$1.00 per day Collection of Firearms from Police Stations or Address within the Brisbane City area $300.00